Carbon Fibre Facilities
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Carbon Fibre Facilities

As a company we have always had the ethos of investing in the latest technology, and this is now shown in our vast array of precision engineering facilities.


Clean Room - 24 Laminating benches (2 Vacuum points per bench)
Dedicated mould preparation room
Dedicated bagging area
ZUND Moving Bed Material Cutter
Large walk in Freezer
4 Remotely controlled Autoclaves
1) - 2.5m Dia x 3.5m Length with cooling – 20 vacuum points
2) - 1.6m Dia x 5m Length - 9 Vacuum points
3) - 0.8m Dia x 3m Length - 10 Vacuum points
4) - 0.75m Dia x 1.4m Length - 4 Vacuum points
4 x Electrically controlled Postcure ovens (Capable of achieving 350 degree C postcures)
Datalogging of all autoclaves and ovens

CNC - CMS Ares 3626 5 axis - 3.6m x 2.6m x 1.2m with laser tool setting & Renishaw probing
3x Haas VM3 with 5 axis trunion - 1m x 0.66m x 0.635m with laser tool setting & Renishaw probing
2x Bridgeport 3 axis - 0.8m x 0.5 x 0.6m
Bridgeport 2.5 axis - 0.8m x 0.3m x 0.4m
Delcam Software (3 Seats) - PowerShape,
OMV PowerInspect on all machines

Fitting Department - 2x Pillar Drills
Band Saw - 0.4m (Throat) 0.25m (Depth of cut)
Vapourmat - 0.75m x 1m x 0.5m
Radial Saw - 0.3m

Inspection - 6 axis Metris Inspection Arm and Laser scanner
2x Mitutoyo height gauges
On CNC machine probing using Delcam Powerinspect

We also have a purpose built spray booth used to prepare patterns and moulds without adding surface film.

In addition to this large array of physical equipment we have several in house process that have been developed over recent years to offer the following services.

The lost tool process enables us to produce complex components with a moulded inner surface quality. It reduces the need to bond several parts together - which is normally used as a compromise between design/manufacturing complexities and surface finish. There are less components required using this method which means improved turnaround time and internal fluid flow. As a result lost tool process has already been utilised by several of our existing customers.

NEI fusion seat - Combines solid works parametric modeller and nastran FE solving engine to enable us to do virtual testing on all components and finite element analysis.

Delcam's Copy CAD software enables us to reverse engineer any item by scanning using the 6 axis inspection arm and translating the meshed surface into a NURB's surface which can then be read and manipulated by our standard modelling packages to generate tooling and/or components machining programs

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