Carbon Fibre Engineering
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The UK's Leading Carbon Fibre Specialists

Crosby Composites is a leading carbon fibre engineering company supplying customers worldwide. Established in 1982, the company has constantly improved production techniques and invested in the latest technologies to provide cost effective components and achieve shorter lead times.

We offer composite solutions for both one-off prototype components, as well as larger production runs. Our accuracy, reliability and fast turn around time allows us to work with a large variety of industries, from high precision Formula One cars and Aerospace to the longer production runs and visual standards of the automotive and medical industries.

Our vast facilities mean we can provide for all your composite needs, from concept to final component. We have several CAD stations for design and conceptual work. 7 CNC machines for tooling block patterns, aluminium moulds and machining components. Also, we have a large laminating department, with 3 autoclaves varying in size, and a trim and fitting department. Finally, to ensure your component is to specification before leaving our premises, we have a technologically advanced inspection department.

We believe that this results in the client feeling secure in the knowledge that we are one of the only one stop composites companies in the country and that there is no misconnection between several subcontractors as we are capable of doing it all completely in house.