Formula 1

Formula 1 was the start of Crosby Composites. The team have worked closely with a number of top F1 teams for years and remains the backbone of the Brackley site. With the end-to-end capability and design know-how, we are well suited to the fast paced nature of the Formula 1 industry and its demands.

“Renault Sport Racing have been a large part of our Formula 1 business for a number of years. Our relationship has led to the development of our design department and lost-tooling system as well as our capability to complete intricate build assemblies. We look forward to supporting Renault in their bid to regain the World Championship in the coming years”.

Carbon fibre has been at the forefront of Formula 1 since the early 1980's and is now one of the most widely used materials on the car. Along with aerospace this industry sector continues to push the boundaries and develop new and exciting manufacturing techniques.

Due to the speed of the development that Formula 1 cars require throughout the season we as a company are comfortable with narrow timeframes and limited production volumes whilst working to the highest accuracy and attention to detail.

Over recent years we have developed several new manufacturing technologies specifically for the Formula 1 industry.

We currently manufacture parts for all major areas of the car for a number of Formula 1 teams, mainly:

  • Front brake ducts
  • Rear brake ducts
  • Sidepods
  • Suspension arms
  • Wing mirrors
  • Halo fairings
  • Steering wheels
  • Seats
  • Body panels
  • Roll hoop cameras
  • Front wings
  • Rear wings