Carbon Fibre for Automotive Purposes
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Carbon Fibre for Automotive Purposes

Carbon fibre panels are increasing in popularity within the automotive industry for both their physical properties and for their aesthetics. Low cost tooling options for components are also one of the main reasons carbon or glass fibre parts are chosen, and we are setup to deal with both one off prototypes and production runs, so can accommodate either route. This, along with the consistency that ISO 9001 brings, results in the ideal show piece component for any automotive vehicle.

List of parts for image:

  • Front Bumpers

  • Splitters

  • Fenders

  • Wheel Arches

  • Brake Ducts

  • Interior Trim

  • Bonnets

  • Louvre Panels

  • Wiper Covers

  • Wing Mirrors

  • Doors

  • Door Liners

  • Roofs

  • Side Skirts

  • Boots

  • Spoilers

  • Vents

  • Rear Bumpers

  • Diffusers