Formula One Carbon Fibre
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Carbon Fibre for F1 (Formula 1)

Carbon fibre has been at the forefront of Formula One since the early 1980's. Along with aerospace this industry sector continues to push the boundaries and develop new and exciting manufacturing techniques.

Due to the speed of the development that Formula One cars require throughout the season we as a company are comfortable with narrow timeframes and limited production volumes whilst working to the highest accuracy and attention to detail.

Over recent years we have developed several new manufacturing technologies specifically for the Formula One Industry. We are now able to pass these on to the non Formula One applications where it is deemed an advantage.

Unfortunately due to the nature of this work we are not at liberty to divulge specifics of who we produce components for but can state that we currently manufacture all major areas of the car and that we work for the majority of the grid in one form or another, including:

  • Front Brake Ducts

  • Rear Brake Ducts

  • Front Wings

  • Rear Wings

  • Steering Wheels
  • Heat Shields

  • KERS Boxes

  • Electrical Boxes

  • Bodywork

  • Side pods

  • Roll Hoop Cameras